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Donuts, Donuts & More Donuts

Oh how I love a donut (or two)! And in Marin, we have options! Johnnys Doughnuts on 4th St. in downtown San Rafael are serious about their "craft." Handcrafted gems made from local, organic ingredients. I stopped in the other day to sample a donut hole before my yoga class (seriously). And get this - THEY DELIVER! You can also find their food truck at various gigs around the bay area. But sometimes you just have to go old school and that's when you grab a dozen at Golden Cream on Lincoln in San Rafael. No Slumber party at our house was complete without a supply of old fashioned maple from this place. But being an expert on the subject, I know that all donuts taste better at the beach which is why my favorite doughnuts come from The Bakery at Parkside in Stinson Beach. I like to go with a friend so I can justify getting more than one. I have a hard time choosing from their selection of homemade pastries. Tell me which is your favorite spot and favorite donut!

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