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West Marin

Marin Convention and Visitors Bureau perfectly describes San Anselmo:


The West Coast’s only national seashore stretches over 80 miles of untouched coastline. It is home to some of the most beautiful nature and wildlife in America, and surrounding it you’ll find some of the most charming and sophisticated inns and restaurants in all of California.


The history of Point Reyes stretches from the early settlements of Miwok Indian tribes, who profited from its abundance of shellfish and wild elk, through its rise during the Gold Rush as the country’s premium dairy capital, to its preservation under the Kennedy administration, which allowed the region to guard its small, local character and pristine shorelines.


Each town in the Point Reyes region is a small gem that has taken special care to maintain its unique local character and heritage. Restaurants offer uncrowded, delicious dining that feature some of the most revered local produce and seafood in the country. Shops feature local artists—painters and photographs—and artisanal crafts like local wool products.


Astonishingly close to both San Francisco and the Napa & Sonoma Valley regions, it’s the perfect destination for a few days of discovery and relaxation, amid 80,000 acres of natural beauty and a wonderful sampling of magical inns, sumptuous suites, and quality restaurants, many offering farm-to-fork cuisine.


Give yourself a few days to explore. From Point Reyes Lighthouse, you can spot the almost 30,000 gray whales that migrate each winter from their cold Alaskan waters to feed off the warm Marin Coast water. Nearly half the known bird species in America have been sighted in the shorelands and forests of Point Reyes, and large communities of the once endangered tule elk and elephant seals can be spotted in particular areas. Wildflowers flourish along the hundreds of miles of trails and meadows that line the quiet forests and dramatic coastline.


Our temperate climate and broad range of recreational activities make Point Reyes the perfect year round destination, and quite simply one of the “Most Beautiful Places in America”, as quoted by Good Morning America in their feature of Point Reyes as one of its "Most Beautiful Places in America."




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